The Matrix Dezionized

[“Over The Hedge” poster art]I’m pretty sure that this film is illegal. But it’s bloody good.

The tag-line is ‘The True Sequel to The Matrix’. It’s a ‘fan edit’ of Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions, combined, with all the tedious/stupid bits taken out, and some of the ridiculous fight sequences edited down to slightly more reasonable lengths. In all, they’ve cut 120 minutes from the combined films (and added in a minute of footage from the original The Matrix).

This film’s very existance is a wonderful argument for reform of copyright law because, you see, you’re not supposed to be allowed to do this sort of thing. Copyright law prohibits it. There’s an odd notion called ‘Moral rights’ embedded in the Berne (International copyright) Convention, which says that creators of works have the right to say what can be done with them even if, as in this case, the original creators, the Wachowski brothers, were clearly out of their trees when they edited their second two Matrix movies, and this fan-edited version is by far a better film.

It’s not perfect. There are a couple of places, mostly noticeable in the musical score, where the cuts are less than perfect, but speaking as one who thought that Reloaded was shit, and therefore had less than no inclination to see the third one, I thoroughly enjoyed this version. You kind of need to have seen the original The Matrix, otherwise it doesn’t make much sense. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, though.

So you won’t see The Matrix Dezionized in any shops; it’s not going to be on the telly, and the only way you will get to see it is if you throw your morality to the wind and break the law by illegally downloading it from the piratical, naughty Internet.

(Of course, I did think that “The Matrix Reedited” would have been a better title.)

3 thoughts on “The Matrix Dezionized

  1. The Baker

    Surely the very fact that you *can’t* buy this movie would preclude any copyright infringement. It’s not as if you are downloading it in preference to buying it.

    Not that anyone in their right mind would buy the sequels – they are simply godawful. Unless of course you just want to stare at Monica Bellucci’s breasts. Which I completely encourage, by the way.

    How can anyone responsible for Bound & Matrix which are both fantastic films, be responsible for the utter garbage they have churned out since. It’s like the Beatles following up Sgt Pepper with the Hoff’s Hooked on a Feeling. It just doesn’t make sense.

  2. Andrew Post author

    Yeah, no, copyright laws aren’t terribly sensible sometimes. But in this case, it’s competing against the two Matrix sequels themselves, which most certainly are for sale in the shops.

  3. Sturgis Griswell

    You seriously think “Matrix: Reedited” is a better title than “Matrix: Dezionized”? I’m glad you’re not in charge of creativity on a large scale.

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