“Boffins create zombie dogs”

Wins my nomination for headline of the year.

And there’s a lovely picture accompanying the article, of a snarling dog-zombie.

Sadly the article is more about suspended animation than reanimation, so my lofty goal of creating an undead army of brain-hungry chihuahuas is still somewhat elusive. Still, with a procedure relying on exsanguination (to arrest bodily decay—the blood gets replaced with salt water) and bolts of electricity (to get the heart going again—after they put the blood back), this does rate pretty high on the godless-meddling-with-nature-o-meter.


Interestingly, there have been a couple of stories recently about using high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide to induce hibernation in mice, so it seems that science is perhaps only a few years away from being able to do proper human hibernation, like in the movies.


The hydrogen sulphide thing seems to be capitalising on some kind of, normally dormant, mammalian hibernation feature. The one with the saline solution and the dogs is apparently making use of a built-in mammalian deep-sea diving facility:


(Pass the lightning conductor, would you Igor?)

2 thoughts on ““Boffins create zombie dogs”

  1. Pubesy

    Deep sea diving dogs, suspended animation, re-animation? We live in a Godless world my friends…

    but it will soon be mine mooohaaaahahaaaa!!!! *twitch* *twitch*.

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