Kung Fu Hustle

[“Kung Fu Hustle” poster art]Violent, but funny.

Go see it—unless you feel squeemish at watching people kick seven shades of shit out of each other for an hour and a half.

It’s a bit like watching a live-action Tom & Jerry, but with fewer frying pans and pianos… and in which some of the characters die messily. Mixed in with the usual kung fu/gangster/Western conventions, filtered through with a trickle of Animé and The Matrix.

Like The Matrix Reloaded, there are huge fights and lots of black suits, white shirts and ties… and some obvious computer animation, but unlike The Matrix Reloaded, the artificiality is somewhat endearing. It’s a cartoon knockabout and it doesn’t really matter that you can tell which bits are CG.

Quite a touching ending, but a bit of an odd moral angle. In the world of Kung Fu Hustle godliness is next to fighting ability and there is honour in ultraviolence. That made me uncomfortable.

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