Sin City

[“Sin City” poster art]Bloody hell!

Go and see this film!

I found Kung Fu Hustle morally awkward and I don’t like people hitting each other.

I flinched at this film too, but it’s… well, it’s a work of art. Mind you, it’s a work of art which as you’re walking through the gallery, reaches out of the frame to grab you by the neck and slam your face into the wall before pumping you full of lead, spitting on your face and leaving you for dead. But a work of art nonetheless.

Stellar cast. Bruce Willis is excellent. Mickey Rourke is bloody amazing… but it is the cinematography that’s the star of this film. You’re probably heard that it looks like a comic book brought to life—but it looks like a fantastically well-drawn comic book brought to life. Fantastically well-drawn and über-violent.

I really enjoyed the ride. It’s an involving, visceral thrill of the kind that horror movies strive to provide. Sometimes hard to watch and occasionally very nasty, but the good guys win at the end, kind of.

Now ’scuse me while I grab my shooter and head out to avenge the death of this classy hooker I used to know.

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