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Let me tell you how things should be

Ionic mobile development, growing pains

I’ve been developing a mobile app with Ionic 2/Angular 2/Cordova/TypeScript, and given how many moving parts there are in there, and that Ionic 2 and Angular 2 were still beta software when I started—and that I was completely new to all of the technologies when I started—it’s gone relatively well.

However, it’s not a totally smooth development experience, and there are lots of little annoyances which occasionally turn it from pleasant to hideously frustrating.

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Moral Philosophy

There is a wonderful interview with the redoubtable, wonky-nosed, English genius Stephen Fry at Among other things he argues for not believing in an afterlife so that you don’t waste time on Earth, and that it’s nonsense that, “Mankind needs a god in order to have a moral framework.”

One of the commenters, by the wonderfully named Quinn Detweiler cannot buy the idea that morality can exist without a god:

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