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A Decade of Blog

Well, there you go. Just noticed that the last blog post I posted was posted more or less 10 years since I blogged my first blog post. Way back in 1997. That’s ten whole years of posting shite on the Internet. I would do more of it, you know, but really, I don’t know where the time goes.



Yay. Go, distributed citizen-journalism! Back (Again)

Yeah, the wee server which was running finally gave up the ghost at the very end of January (it was an ancient, recycled desktop machine and the disk—and probably most of the rest of it—was a bit dodgy) and I only got around to setting up its replacement tonight.

The replacement is a tiny, silent home server, about the size of a hard disk. I’m wondering if it’s up to the task now, since it doesn’t seem to be the fastest thing in the universe.

Anyway, I’m blogging again, and for that you can be thankful. Or whatever.

I’m popular!

I think has really hit the big-time now!

I just had to delete 17 spam comments, advertising ‘Phentermine’ (a diet pill similar to amphetamine, apparently) and gay sex (when two chaps of the same gender shag, apparently).

So that must mean that somebody is reading me!

(Oh, and one comment from Mr 1, daring to disagree with my opinions concerning the Co-op’s cheese-of-the-gods Wensleydale with Cranberries.) (I didn’t delete it though, 1.)

Cracking Cheese!

I’m not generally a bit Wensleydale fan, but the Co-op’s Wensleydale with Cranberries is gorgeous. Possibly the best thing I’ve tasted in the last year. Just creamy, and sweet, and made with something increadibly addictive, apparently.

Co-op Wensleydale with Cranberries. Yummy.

It’s probably seasonal, what with the cranberries and everything, so I suggest, (unless you have a very serious aversion to cheese), that you run to your nearest Co-op and stock up.