dysphoria.net Back (Again)

Yeah, the wee server which was running dysphoria.net finally gave up the ghost at the very end of January (it was an ancient, recycled desktop machine and the disk—and probably most of the rest of it—was a bit dodgy) and I only got around to setting up its replacement tonight.

The replacement is a tiny, silent home server, about the size of a hard disk. I’m wondering if it’s up to the task now, since it doesn’t seem to be the fastest thing in the universe.

Anyway, I’m blogging again, and for that you can be thankful. Or whatever.

3 thoughts on “dysphoria.net Back (Again)

  1. dougie

    Bubba is a great wee server! It doesn’t seem to be too slow at serving your blog. I hope you manage to get your ssh problem sorted out.



  2. Kris

    Glad to see you back online and dribbling away again. I wondered what’d happened – kept meaning to ask you.

    Hope you had a fab b’day, catch up with you soon. Might nip over your way for a coffee in the next week or two if we happen to have concurrent free time.


  3. Andrew Post author

    Dougie: Yes indeed, got the Ssh problem sorted, thanks.

    (For those of you who don’t hang around the excito.com/forum—which I imagine would be most of you—the problem was that I’d uninstalled a lot of extraneous stuff from off my new server*, and that unexpectedly also uninstalled my remote access to the server. Oops. Fortunately, and with the kind help and assistance of the good people of Excito, a company I cannot commend highly enough, I managed to basically hack back into it and restore remote access.)

    *Removing unused services and software from servers is generally good for security. The less software you have on any given machine, the fewer potential holes there are for the Bad People to exploit.

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