Cracking Cheese!

I’m not generally a bit Wensleydale fan, but the Co-op’s Wensleydale with Cranberries is gorgeous. Possibly the best thing I’ve tasted in the last year. Just creamy, and sweet, and made with something increadibly addictive, apparently.

Co-op Wensleydale with Cranberries. Yummy.

It’s probably seasonal, what with the cranberries and everything, so I suggest, (unless you have a very serious aversion to cheese), that you run to your nearest Co-op and stock up.

3 thoughts on “Cracking Cheese!

  1. Mr One

    Wrong wrong wrong!!!

    I’m afraid I do have a serious aversion to cheese, evil smelly mouldy stuff. The idea of combining such filth with cranberries of all things surely amounts to a crime against God and nature! What next??? Ice cream with beef?


  2. Pubesy

    Goodness gracious me. Posts about cheese. Whatever next? Dribbling over slightly festering dairy products in general?

    I won’t stand for it I say!

    It’s the slow disintegration of society in general.

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