Knocked Up

Very funny, very warm, very nicely observed.

The criticisms of this movie seem mainly based around the central premise: that a beautiful, successful, etc. woman should in the first place hook up with a slobbish, chubby, Seth-Rogen-esque man. Given that the last film I watched was Transformers*, in which giant alien robots duke it out of control of a magical power-cube, this complaint seems mean-spirited.

Interestingly, both reviews on, from The Herald and The Evening Times, state that “two hours is too long for a comedy”. This is apparently a law of filmic nature of which I’d been hitherto unaware. Note that they don’t state that this film is too long (okay, they imply it), merely that it breaks the comedy-2-hour rule. It didn’t feel too long to me.

*Actually, in that film too, the hero is a spunky, but un-cool youth, who wins the way-out-of-his-league girl. Of course, he had a cool car which transformed into a giant robot and, I believe, some girls go for that sort of thing.

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