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I don’t know if this film has ever been released commercially. It seems to have been marketed at Cannes in 2003. I borrowed a copy from a friend who was in it.

Anyway, it’s a feature-length film about a motley crew of variously violent Glaswegians, and the events following a stabbing. It features knife fights, car chases, fantastic editing, variable acting ability (and some of the creakiest dialogue you’ve heard), and was made for the absurdly low sum of £800. (Actually, under £800, I believe.)

It’s well worth watching if for no other reason than to see what a dedicated filmmaker can do on an absolute shoestring.
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The Constant Gardener

[“The Constant Gardener” poster art] Ah, a lovely example of Good Filmmaking. See it if you’re in the mood for a meatier film that might make you think.

It is well shot, acted, directed, scripted. Some of the cinematography (it takes place in London and Kenya) is drop-dead gorgeous. It tackles important issues (corruption by Big Pharm in third world countries). The story is compelling.

What surpised me slightly is that it’s based on a John LeCarré novel. Continue reading

Patronising Wankers

[Letter and stickets received from Scottish Power. Gits.] Most people would not complain about receiving too few letters from their utility companies. Really.

Very, very few—a tiny minority surely—sit each morning at their letter box, awaiting the latest promotional literature for boilers.

Dispite this, it seems that Scottish Power employ an entire department devoted to fulfilling the needs of this select, and insane, minority.

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