Robot Sex

[Picture of two robots having sex. No kinky stuff involving humans here.] Some overpaid academic (not that I think that all academics are overpaid, but this one evidently is) is rolling out more trite ‘predictions’ about The Future. (Like Kevin Warwick, only less plausible). A choice quote:

It won’t only be people who are lacking a sexual partner. Some people will do it for curiosity, some for fun. If a wife says to the husband, ‘Not tonight, I’ve got a headache,’ she could then say, ‘Why don’t you make it with the robot.’ And, traditionally, women worry about their husbands when they go on business trips, but if he’s got his robot with him, he doesn’t need to go to a nightclub or a strip joint.
The Globe and Mail, Thursday 15 Nov 2007

So gentlemen, can you see your wife/significant-other/any-fucking-woman-at-all falling for that line?

One thought on “Robot Sex

  1. John

    Ah, yeah….but wont your wife complain that the robot is too much like the real thing? Can they clean themselves? All kinds of odd issues with this.

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