Charlie Brooker is a poetic genius

I just rediscovered Screen Burn, the column Charlie Brooker writes for The Guardian. (You may have seen the book of the same name, which is a collection of some of the early columns.)

He reviews television, sortof, through a haze of poetic vitriol. Anyway, I just pissed away a glorious 45 minutes catching up on Charlie Brooker’s unique and side-wrenchingly funny mind bile. A sample:

Terrible thing, anticipation. For instance, if I locked you in a room and calmly informed you through a hatch in the door that I planned to return in an unspecified period of time and beat you insensible with a car jack, chances are you wouldn’t enjoy the intervening hours very much, even if I’d left you a couple of magazines and some battenberg cake.
Screen Burn, Charlie Brooker, The Guardian, 15 April 2006

I love the bit about the battenberg cake.

If you’re not convinced, try a quick column or two for yourself. You’ll like it, I promise.
If you like it and need a stronger fix, why not try TVGoHome, his original irregular series of faux Radio Times pages? It’s a brilliantly creative satirical stab in the face of contemporary TV, which even now is being minded by desperate TV execs for new programme ideas. It’s available from all good book shops, in case you don’t like reading things on the Internet.

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