And the moral of this story is?

…Americans are nutters?
…Never piss off a man who knows how to weld?
The A Team should have carried a ‘don’t try this at home’ disclaimer?
…You can build an armoured car by welding plate steel to a truck?
…Americans are gun-wielding nutters?
…If you go on a destructive rampage in an armoured truck, sooner or later somebody is going to get hurt?

Synopsis: nasty factory owners try to buy up land, but one man refuses to sell. Said man gets sued and generally hassled. Wreaks revenge Hannibal Smith style with armoured/converted truck thing covered in plate steal, which he built in his garage. (In unpleasantly-non-A-Team twist, he dies at the end. So even if you have a problem, and if no-one else can help, and even if you can find him, you won’t be able to hire: Marvin Heemeyer (deceased), of Grunbee, Colorado.)

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