I’m glad I’m not famous

This is fecking scary: a website devoted to reporting celebrity sitings, with sitings plotted, with photos and descriptions, on an interactive map:


If you’re a devotee of the Cult of The Celebrity, you can worship here at the Altar of Fame, and share your holy visions of the Annointed Celebs with other followers. But if I were David Schwimer, or Matthew Broderick, I would be hellish unnerved by the idea of random strangers reporting my location to a central database. An example:

Liam Gallagher


Mar 17th, 2006 @ 12pm

I saw Liam Gallagher walking down Spring Street with a friend. He was laughing and seemed to be in a great mood. He seemed much more friendly and approachable than Noel, who I saw walking with a bunch of shopping bags over on Broome Street last fall.

Now I’m no psychologist, but: Freak! Weirdo! (And I’m not talking about the Gallagher brothers this time.)

On the plus side, the site does seem to be broken at the moment (the map is pointing somewhere off the coast of Ghana), so it is possible that common decency has prevailed (or some entertainment industry lawyers have).

Some commentary:


Next step presumably would be electronically tagging our celebrities, so that we can study their migration patterns and mating habits more easily. Where will it all end?

4 thoughts on “I’m glad I’m not famous

  1. Delboy

    … but it is a confused message you’re sending out ;-)

    On another note – why don’t they just track all celebs with GPS and be done with it.

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