Mary Queen of Scots Gets Her Head Chopped Off

Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off/
Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off.

There, I’ve spoilt the ending for you, but you may enjoy watching the play anyway, if that’s your bag.

23–26 November 2005, Gilmorehill G12 Theatre in Glasgow. There’s more information, blurb, cast list, etc at:

It’s a good cast, and a very interesting script. Not literally historical, but based around scenes representing a particularly ill-fated 3 years of Mary Queen of Scot’s reign, from the point at which she had established herself in Scotland, to after her disasterous marriage to Darnley, when it was all starting to go seriously downhill.

Written by the very quirky Liz Lochhead, directed by the very incisive Tri Cumming and staring the very talented Karen Bartke (Mary) and Danelle Egan (Elizabeth). And me (as Knox).

3 thoughts on “Mary Queen of Scots Gets Her Head Chopped Off

  1. Iain

    Dear Webmaster,

    I find this shameful self-promotion distinctly unpalatable and would urge you to desist from the flagrant narcissism it represents.

    Whether or not the cast are “good”, “incisive”, “talented” or indeed “quirky” must surely be a verdict for the paying public alone, and certainly not for a – minor – cast member.

    Please practice some self-discipline in future blogging or this reader for one may well take his subscription elsewhere.

    — furious from East Kilbride —

  2. Andrew Post author

    You’re criticising the author of a blog for being self-indulgent?

    That’s like criticising a politician for not being completely honest.

    Really, Furious, if a person cannot self-promote on their own weblog, where can they wallow in self-importance?

  3. Iain

    In that case, can we have more pictures of yourself on the blog so we can see you looking smug and self-indulgent.


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