I’m popular!

I think dysphoria.net has really hit the big-time now!

I just had to delete 17 spam comments, advertising ‘Phentermine’ (a diet pill similar to amphetamine, apparently) and gay sex (when two chaps of the same gender shag, apparently).

So that must mean that somebody is reading me!

(Oh, and one comment from Mr 1, daring to disagree with my opinions concerning the Co-op’s cheese-of-the-gods Wensleydale with Cranberries.) (I didn’t delete it though, 1.)

2 thoughts on “I’m popular!

  1. John

    Andrew, I came across your blog just by sufing the web. I see that your subtitle says, ‘For long lost friends and stalkers’. Don’t consider people that come across your ‘open to public’ blog as stalkers. Some come to learn others opinion and thoughts, even culture. Though we may not agree about things, it doesn’t mean we’re wrong. Though I’m totally against gay practices/rights, doesn’t mean that I’m trying to change anybody. Though I may not like your comments about a certain movie, doesn’t mean that I wont watch a movie you suggest. We read, we filter in our minds, we move on. There is no need to delete/exclude others.
    I actually find your blog entertaining. We don’t get all the movies in the US that you’ve reviewed (that I know of) so I can’t follow, but I am a little surprised that all the Hollywood movies that you’ve reviewed do make it to UK/Europe. Just a little reminder to me of Hollywoods’ influence. So don’t think that anyone that you don’t know as a friend is stalking you (as that would be quite hard from the US), but that (I) we are just learning about others and culture…or just looking to be entertained.
    Thanks, John

  2. Andrew Post author

    John, the byline is sardonic. I don’t have any stalkers (that I’m aware of), and I’m very glad that anyone finds any of this blog interesting or useful!

    (Regarding your comment about deleting or excluding others: I’m afraid I hadn’t checked the comment queue for a good number of months, which is why none of your comments—or anyone else’s—had appeared on the site. I wasn’t excluding strangers’ comments on purpose :)

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